Dr Shehla Imam

I was brought up and educated in West Africa and after graduating from Medical School, I trained as an Anaesthetist.

After working as an Anaesthetist for about two years, I took a career break of more than 10 years to bring up a young family.

When the time was right I embarked on the long and windy road to getting back into practicing medicine.

Being a foreign graduate, I had to go through a lot of exams including an English exam and the PLAB.

As I wanted a career change, I applied to train as a GP – I was lucky to get a place on the WM Deanery and did all my training in Shropshire – on a part-time basis.

This long journey, which took almost 8 years to complete, has been a journey well worth taking.

I have been working as a Freelance GP in Shropshire for three and a half years, including doing sessions in sexual health, and have a good knowledge of how things work in the region.

I worked as a Sexual Health doctor for two years but gave it up about a year ago.

I represent the Sessional GPs on the Shropshire LMC and am a member of the local ‘First 5’ group.

I got Revalidated in June last year – great relief!