Telford and Wrekin Leadership Programme

Our programme to develop Clinical Leaders across our Health Economy started in 2008, funded by Telford & Wrekin CCG and soon became an annual programme. It is delivered by Alastair Olby of Leading Beyond with Jo Leahy of T&W CCG, and comprises of 8 days of experiential learning over approximately 10 months, with Action Learning Sets and “coaching-pairs” between workshops. The first cohort produced several Medical Directors, a CCG chair and a CCG Accountable Officer! Participants have been GPs from Telford & Shropshire County as well as Community Paediatricians and Consultant Psychiatrists and the programme has been accredited by Keele University Medical School towards a Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Leadership.

In 2014 the programme was awarded the West Midlands Gold Award, with
HEWM’s Lynda Austin saying, “The relevance of the course and academic rigour
underpinning it was particularly commended by the Panel as was the impact of the
programme on participants.”

More Information on the Programme


Clinical Leadership Programme Overview 2016v2

Clinical Leadership Programme Application 2016 (2) (2)




What participants have said about the programme:

“Inspiring! Very much a learner led experience. I have watched myself and the rest
of the group grow over the last few learning events.”

“The sessions and the LPI feedback have given me a surprising insight into the
effect my behaviours have on other people – and I shall go away with a commitment
to listen to and value the contribution of others in my work. I am very hopeful that I
shall be able to be much more effective with my team and others I relate to. Thanks
to Jo for making this happen!”

“I really enjoy these sessions. I feel challenged but more confident in my abilities to
lead. I am feeling pushed into a situation where I have to take control of more of
how I work and function, and now I really want to change. I feel very supported by
the great members of the team and Kim. Can we do it? Yes we can!”

“I feel enthused and encouraged and lucky. I want this for all my circle of contacts!
And on a regular basis. I will try to hold on to this state to make it a reality when the
grind wants to take over”

“A sense of empowerment – I CAN do this leadership stuff!”


COHORT 4 Enjoying the programme!


An incredible two days. I am feeling so much more confident in my role as a

“Just do it, you will never look back! It is inspiring and has changed me.”
“If you get the opportunity to do this – embrace it. It will be one of the most
   rewarding ways of spending time that you will ever find.”

“Applicable to all aspects of my work, not specific to just one situation; flexible and
driven by learner needs”