Professional Education, Development and Support for Telford and Shropshire GPs

What is Paean?  Paean was the physician to the Greek gods, and the word also means “a hymn of joy”.  We think this is a positive incarnation of the spirit of Paean – offering support to our GP colleagues.


We are committed to supporting the education and development of GP’s in Telford and across the county of Shropshire. On the Paean web site you will find details of all educational opportunities for GP’s across the county and some outside Shropshire. We have details of Protected Learning Time Events in Telford and Wrekin as well as presentations from previous events.

Our mentors are all GP’s in the county who have been trained and are supported to keep their skills refreshed.They offer a confidential service to GPs who want to improve the way they work, improve their work life balance, address specific issues, or just need someone to listen and offer a sounding-board. You can check out our mentors on the Paean site, and use the contact form to ask for your chosen mentor. If you are new to the county, one of our mentors will be happy to “buddy” you, introducing you to how things work here, what groups are available to join, and all those little things that ease your introduction into a new area.’

You will find Appraisal resource documents within the Resources section to help and support you in preparing for your annual appraisal and getting ready for Revalidation.

Telford and Wrekin CCG do not accept pharmaceutical company sponsorship for any events. We want to make available a wide range of events on the calendar, many of which are arranged by other bodies and may have sponsorship.  Inclusion of such events on the calendar does not imply any change in policy on behalf of the CCG and clinicians are advised to follow their own conscience when deciding whether to attend or to accept hospitality, in line with guidance from the GMC



fellowship, kindness, caring, empathy, sharing, “intelligent kindness”


Sharing, collaboration, teamwork, interdependence, learning from each other


Fun, laughter, humour, passion


Sustainability, good feedback, meeting needs, stretching minds, continuous improvement (Kaizen)


Flexibility, thinking outside the box, progressiveness


Autonomy, independence, valuing difference, equality, empowerment